Current Demo Screenshots

demo SS 1 - Jul '03

demo SS 2 - Jul '03

This is a demo written by Keef and Brad. It represents the current state of the game engine. In SS1 you can see a BSP scene with an animated .MD2 model. The model has an AI which randomly moves around and shoots. The projectiles are represented as particles which bounce off of the scene. There is full static and dynamic collision/physics on both the AI and the Camera. You can also notice some of the features of the GUI.

In SS2 you might recognize the face.3ds model from GT's .3ds loader tutorial (it might look wierd because we're looking at it from the back, but its being lit from the front). You can also see a Billboarded tree, and a Beiser Patch which is deforming on a sinusoidal path.

Old Demo Screenshots

old SS 1

old SS 2

old SS 3

old SS 4

Here are some older screenshots. SS 1 is of a ROAM terrain with billboarded trees. SS 2 shows off primitive transparency. SS 3 shows a particle engine of some kind. SS 4 shows a more complex BSP level. We can also load in complex Q3 BSPs, but we do not currently handle entities as our engine is not a Quake clone.


Entity Relationships

Scene Manager

The Enity Relationships .pdf shows the dependancy of certain objects and subsystems upon each other, all the way down to the Render API.

The Scene Manager .pdf shows objects related to a Scene Manager, and to an Entity. A Scene Manager has a list of nodes underneath it that contain all the actual data, the Manager simply provides methods that act on them.