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An overview of current projects in progress and completed.

Renderer (60% done)
-Library Independant API (complete)
-OpenGL Implementation  (complete)
-DirectX Implementation  (planned)
-Primitives & Models  (planned)
-Eye Candy  (planned)

Database Manager (100% done)
-Define Resources (completed)
-Define Loaders  (completed)
-Load Resources  (completed)

Physics (50% done)
-Detection (BSP/ROAM) (complete)
-Detection (Dynamic)  (complete)
-Resolution (BSP)  (not done)
-Resolution (ROAM)  (complete)
-Resolution (Dynamic)  (planned)

Brad (aka bradbeveridge)
Real life : embedded programmer
: engaged to a great gal
: never enough time to properly geek out
: ice hockey, karate, scuba

Geek Skills : C/C++ OpenGL Linux Physics
Number of Bugs : Medium
Laziness coefficient : Extremely High
Whinging factor : High
Geek Time Remaining : Low
Qualfied : Computer Sci degree, 3 years industry
System : Toshiba Satellite 2410, geforce4go, P4M 2.0Ghz
Turn ons : Ladydeath model half transparent
Turn offs : long walks in the park
Pets : two cats
>show stats
Lawful Evil Goblin Coder
Strengh 3
Slackness 18
Charimsa 2
Typing 2
Coding 10

You are level 1 (Utter Novice)
You need 109883773 experience points to reach the next level

Keef's Quicktyper
A 2 litre cask of Yalumba Cabernet Merlot
A sharp stick.

You are in a nice comfy chair in front of your PC. You can see:
The GTEngine.

> code engine
You miss the deadline.
The deadline hits you.
(You are very thirsty.)

> code engine
You poke the engine with a sharp stick.
The GTEngine mashes your skull with a bone crunching sound.
You die.


i r a codre. I am teh grate! i rote this website. Coke is for me.




*Dance at the Dungeon on Saturday nights.
*Splat stuff with FuzzPop (openSource)
*Paint like you don't know how.
*Shoot like theres no tomorrow.

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